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Together we are CREATING A BETTER WORLD! Global Media. International Missions. Joy Projects. Spreading the Happy Gospel! We can't do this without help and support. Sign up and be a part. Let's do this TOGETHER! 


Patreon Partners

We truly love our partners, and we are encouraged that so many people want to be a closer part of our family through supporting COBH Ltd financially or through volunteering and coming on teams. ​​

Get FREE videos and extra content, join our live Zooms and be a part of a big family of Jesus radicals! You can join for as little as $1 a month and cancel anytime. It's sooo much fun!! 

If you don't want to join via the Patreon you can also partner with us by setting up a monthly donation via Paypal. We will then email you all our news and extra content. ​

If you are in the UK you can set up a standing order, email us for bank details. 

Everyone of our partner family are so appreciated and makes a massive difference to us and our projects and mission. 

Thank you!


COBH Ltd is a UK tax-paying limited company – registration 9268254


We truly love our partners and family. 


If you can't commit to a monthly partnership with us, then maybe you could  consider a one off donation and join the family and adventure with us. 

Everyone of our partner family are so appreciated and makes a massive difference to us and our projects and mission. 

Thank you!​

Click the Button Below to go to our Donation Page!

To donate through Paypal: CLICK LINK BELOW

COBH Ltd is a UK tax-paying limited company – registration 9268254


Joy Projects

Godfrey Birtill

COBH is all about stepping up for legends, and when it comes to supporting Godfrey & Gill Birtill, we're all in. These two amazing individuals are more than just names – they're a force of positivity and inspiration. Through their dedication and passion to the gospel which come through song and lyrics, they've left an indelible mark on our community.

From spreading good vibes to making a real difference, Godfrey & Gill Birtill embody the gospel of Joy and Grace. It's an honor to have their back and be part of their journey, contributing to their incredible work and sharing in the joy they bring.

If you would like to support Godfrey & Gill each month then either

  • please email GB at  for more information.

  • Visit his website and click on the GIVING button for monthly or one-off partnership through Paypal

Bookshine High School

We have the privilege of supporting Bookshine High School in Kenya. 

Our friend Jack and his family run this school and they are doing an awesome job. Justin has had the pleasure of seeing the school in action and we love to meet up with him when he visits the UK. 


Bookshine High School is in Nairobi, and we love standing by their side over many years now.

Throughout the hard times of the pandemic, this Christian high school not only survived but thrived, all thanks to the incredible support from donors who saw their vision.

From just three students, they've grown into a bustling community of 300, a testament to their years of hard work. The journey has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, reflecting their unyielding dedication and the generosity of those who believe in their cause. Supporting Book Shine High School means being part of a story that's all about bright minds, boundless growth, and a future that shines even brighter.

On Going Support

We also support many people across the globe as and when Holy spirit leads. We just love love love, to give as we understand that we live IN the abundance of Heaven and that there is always enough! It brings the Father and us such JOY!!!

We are extremely grateful for our Partners and Patreon you are joining in this joy filled abundance dance with the Trinity. If you want to join in the joy dance with us, please consider donating or become monthly partner with us. 

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