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FIRESIDE CHAT w/ Justin Paul Abraham

Hello everyone!

We hope you’re doing well.

We have an exciting year planned for 2024 with events in the UK, USA, South Africa, Turkey, Canada and more.

Things are heating up as the GOSPEL REVOLUTION continues to spread. People are awakening to the mystical and learning to meditate, ascend, engage heaven, govern and engage new creation realities. It’s so exciting to see what’s happening.

We will be posting more news and updates soon, but if you’re in the UK in December you may want to come along to the Justin Paul Abraham mentoring night. We’re going to be talking about the afterlife, dimensions, and the glorious hope of the restoration of all things! It’s going to be an informal time of hanging out, friendship and mystical bliss! We are a small community who love Jesus and you’re welcome to join the family. We’re hoping you will get blown away with the goodness of Yahweh as we see 'Love never fails’.

Details are on the picture. It’s 5PM for snacks (bring something to share) and 6PM for the talk. The venue is our COBH Chapel on Pontypridd. There is parking on the other side of the river in the multi-storey car park for free. Or you can find a spot around the town. Need help finding us - email Bring it on!

More news coming!

Bliss you COBH team

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