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Enoch and Us

Session One

Living Beyond Earth 


In this moving first session, Justin Paul unpacks his first-hand experiences with Enoch in the Heavens and the lessons he's learned from reading the Jewish Enochian literature. He is also joined by Paul Keith and Amy Davis He's also joined by prophet-teacher Paul Keith and Amy Davis for part of the talk.


Enoch and Us

Session Two

The Life of Enoch 


Justin Paul unpacks the LIFE of ENOCH and what he has learned through direct experience in the Heavens. 


1) Simple Mystical Union

2) Gentle Ascension

3) Exploration of the Mysteries

4) Friends with Angels 


and more… This is probably our favourite series yet. Towards the end of the session an Angel visited Justin Paul. We are in the age of Divine intervention! Things are changing! 


Enoch and Us

Part Three

Into the Beyond


Justin Paul continues one of our most favourite series of teachings yet, the way of Enoch and Us. Taking us step by step on the journey of union, and evolving consciousness, so we too can follow Enoch's Celestial footsteps into the Immortal Beyond! Truly a life of wonder and joy! The Life Jesus is calling a generation to explore. It’s time. It’s now! 


Enoch and Us

Session Four

The Vanishing Point


This is a radical KAINOS talk. Building on the first three session, Justin Paul now looks at "Return to the Ancient Paths"... a mystical secret, the vanishing point, the place where even our bodies participate and may even blur into the unseen. Truly a sign and a wonder! 


You will hear stories from the lives of the Saints and modern mystics who have experienced different aspects of phasing dimensions. Even our bodies have hope! 


This session also includes a special guest SHERRY FURLOW speaking about the two times she died (NDE). This is so wonderful and encouraging, stay to the end to hear it all. Amazing! 


Enoch and Us

Session Five

Beyond Death 


This is BIG news. A global shift is here into LIFE! We are moving into a new global paradigm of life expansion, renewal of the body and even immortality. 


Hidden throughout scripture are promises about this time, where a baby age will be 100. What will an adult age be? Possibly thousands!


Some people have already entered into immortality - John the Beloved, Christian the Seer of Kailash, Enoch, Elijah and more. Could this now be opening to a whole company of people? How will this happen? 


We don't know the full picture, but we do believe ALL things are possible with God. Jesus came that we might enjoy life in abundance, until it overflows (John 10:10). We will discover a mystery - LIFE swallows death.

Enoch & Us - 5 Part Series

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