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Janine John, is a welsh born alternative christian music artist. Breaking from the box of predictability, this vibrant music is an invitation into mystery, serenity and transcendence, weaving spirituality, love and higher consciousness into her uplifting melodies. Each song is uniquely crafted from first-hand spiritual experiences, creating songs that are truly captivating and awakening.


The new studio album is a vibrant eclectic mix of songs, including the addictive retro-pop title song ‘Enraptured', interwoven by the melodic sweetness of ‘Become', ‘Union' and 'All in All’, and the raw ecstatic ascending wildness of ‘Whirlwind'. This album is a feast for the senses and the soul, calling humanity deeper into oneness, love and bliss. 


Enraptured - meaning ’to give intense pleasure to’, a state of spiritual rapture, the bliss of being caught up into the sweetness of Love, the ecstatic nature of being ONE with the Divine, the Creator, the Source all of life.  

Enraptured - Janine John

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