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The mystery of our innocence and inclusion in the Trinity YHVH. 


Justin Paul Abraham - Perichoresis recorded in NORTHERN IRELAND




Session one 


Explore the Dance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Perichoresis). YHVH is a Community in Joyful Constancy. The gloriously Happy God. 


Session two


The Beginning (Beresheet bara Elohim) YHVH created the Heavens and the Earth and Wisdom joined the Dance. 


Session three


Yeshua walks with us in the glory of the Seven Lamps in YHVH. This is the Dance of Dominion. We are included in the Fullness.


Session four


Explosive truth! The Trinity saved humanity and brought us into their Life. We are innocent. We are not forsaken. God is for us! 


Session Five


The blissful hope of the renewal and restoration of the Cosmos. "They all lived happily ever after!"


We hope you enjoy these beautiful teachings and they take you deeper still into your union with God.


Hosted by Destiny Calls in Northern Ireland, October 2019. 

(*Note this product has a newly updated cover image)

Perichoresis Series Two

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